Overview – Our more crowded, more urban world: an opportunity for technology OEMs


Our world is changing fast: populations are growing, and more of these increasing populations are living in cities. Mobility is cheaper and easier than it has ever been. All of this means that people are moving more, and faster, and the world is becoming more crowded. Whether in airports, train stations, stadiums, shopping centres or […]

Future Electronics – Development board demonstrates thermal video imaging at 80 x 60px resolution


Future Electronics has developed a ready-made hardware and software platform for streaming thermal video images using a thermal imaging camera and the Future Electronics/ Microsemi Creative Board. The system may be used for people movement applications such as occupancy sensing and, in combination with video analytics software, for detecting the flow of movement of crowds […]

Microchip – Bluetooth Low Energy modules offer built-in beacon functionality


Microchip’s RN487x series of Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) radio modules provides a simple means to integrate short-range RF connectivity into an end-product without the need for RF expertise or wireless certification. The modules are expected to find many uses in people-movement applications. Bluetooth LE provides a standard, very low-power wireless link to any Bluetooth host […]

Microchip – LoRa module provides long range and low data rate for occupancy-sensing applications


The RN2483 from Microchip is a highly integrated LoRa® wireless modem which provides a long-range, low-power link to a remote gateway for sensors and other devices used in wide-area people-movement applications. Occupancy and presence sensing, an increasingly popular people-movement application, can benefit from both the long range and low data rate of a LoRaWANTM network. […]

NXP – NFC Cube with smartphone app demonstrates simple implementation of secure access control


NXP Semiconductors provides an NFC demonstration system, called the NFC Cube, which shows the ease with which highly secure and convenient systems for conditional access control can be implemented. Conditional access control, in which entry into secured spaces is restricted to authorised people, plays an important role in people-movement systems. NFC is an ideal technology […]

Panasonic – IR-based IoT solution provides for web-based monitoring of people flows


Future Electronics has demonstrated a new Internet of Things (IoT) solution for the detection, tracking and counting of flows of people and visualising the data via a cloud service. The solution is based on Panasonic’s Grid- EYE infrared (IR) sensor array. The Grid-EYE is a surface-mount sensor which has an 8 x 8 array of […]

Tianma – Durable displays offer high brightness and wide viewing angles for use in crowded spaces


Tianma, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of displays for industrial and embedded systems, supplies a range of products intended for use outdoors or for viewing by a large number of people simultaneously. These robust, high-performance displays are ideal for use in signage and navigation and in other functions for regulating the flow of people […]