TE Connectivity – Compact wire-to-board connectors offer high current rating in industry-standard footprint


TE Connectivity’s (TE) ELCON micro wire-to-board power connectors provide a high current at 12.5A per pin in the common industry footprint of 3.0mm. This high current density in a compact design is useful in various types of data networking equipment. A common industry footprint also allows for easy upgrades to existing designs. The ELCON micro […]

TE Connectivity – New CoB LED holder compatible with Zhaga Book 3 standard


TE Connectivity’s (TE) new LUMAWISE Z45 LED holder for Chip-on-Board (CoB) LEDs uses a strong, reflective and halogen-free housing material to provide a robust platform for LED lighting fixtures which keeps optical losses to a minimum. Like earlier LED holders from TE, the new LUMAWISE Z45 features adhesive tape and poke-in wire connections for fast […]

TE Connectivity – New heavy-duty connectors withstand 500 hours of salt spray


TE Connectivity (TE) supplies a range of heavy-duty connectors which provide reliable performance in harsh environments. The connectors can carry data, signals or power between devices or functional units. The TE heavy-duty connector range consists of a series of High-Current Module (HCM) inserts and a choice of IP68 hoods and housings. There are two lines […]

TE Connectivity – 2.5mm-centreline connector for small signal circuits


TE Connectivity’s Economy Power 2.5 wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connectors are designed for signal circuit applications. Based on the proven Economy Power connector and featuring a compact 2.5mm centreline, the advanced Economy Power 2.5 line connectors are rated for 250V AC and support current throughputs of up to 4.2A. Both standard and new low insertion-force contacts […]

TE Connectivity – Compact terminal fits in tight spaces


The 250 series straight, miniature FASTON receptacle terminal from TE Connectivity (TE) is suited to applications in which there is insufficient space for a traditional, full-size straight receptacle. Many power tools, small appliances and other applications have limited space for quick-connect crimp connections. The new 250 series straight, miniature FASTON receptacle provides a solution: it […]

TE Connectivity – Connector prevents half-mating and back-out errors


New GRACE INERTIA 2.5 connectors from TE Connectivity (TE) feature a 2.5mm pitch and an advanced design which provides for more stable, reliable and durable connections. The connectors’ inertia-locking mechanism eliminates the risk of product defects caused by half-mating, and helps prevent connectors from being disconnected during movement or transportation. The Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) […]

TE Connectivity – F-spring terminals feature low insertion force


F-spring contact FASTON terminals from TE Connectivity require a low mating force of 35N for easy assembly by line workers. The FASTON terminals, which are made from nickel-plated steel, have a low profile and are rated for use in high-temperature applications. The F-spring contact terminals offer improved retention, insertion, and contact-stability benefits compared with other […]

TE Connectivity – NTC thermistors offer high accuracy and stability


TE Connectivity’s portfolio of high-quality discrete Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistors offers precision temperature measurement, excellent performance and good value. TE’s NTC thermistors are suitable for a wide range of temperature sensing, control and compensation applications over a temperature range from -80°C to 300°C, enabling designers to implement effective thermal-sensing systems in a variety of […]

TE Connectivity – Ready-made base assembly accommodates light sensor for control of streetlight dimming


TE Connectivity’s LUMAWISE Endurance N products are ANSI 136.41-compliant photo-control base assemblies with sleeves and covers in varying heights. They provide a complete power and signal interface between a light sensor and a dimming receptacle. The clear or translucent covers allow daylight to pass through to the light sensor. The base assembly, which is supplied […]

TE Connectivity – Rugged, Reliable, Resilient


TE Connectivity DEUTSCH industrial environmentally sealed electrical connectors are heavy-duty connectors designed to withstand dirt, moisture, salt spray, and rough terrain. DEUTSCH connectors are constructed of rugged thermoplastic or durable aluminum and feature silicone seals and grommets that help prevent contamination. Available in rectangular and cylindrical body shapes and accommodate wire gauges from 4 AWG […]