Circuit Centre – Process Control


The microcontroller takes centre stage in the block diagram for a typical process-control application, and it is microcontrollers which are featured in the Application Spotlight section that follows. But the block diagram also highlights the many peripheral functions that support a process-control system, including analogue, communications and protection components, and these can all be found […]

Intersil – ISL26132 and ISL26134 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs feature low-noise output


ADCs The ISL26132 and ISL26134 from Intersil are complete analogue front-ends for high-resolution measurement applications. These 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs include a very low-noise amplifier and are available with either two (ISL26132) or four (ISL26134) differential multiplexer inputs. The devices offer the same pin-out as the ADS1232 and ADS1234 devices and are functionally compatible with these […]

Intersil – RS-485/RS-422 transceivers offer high ESD protection


RS485 Intersil’s ISL3179E and ISL3180E are single transceivers which meet both the RS-485 and RS-422 standards for balanced communication. Each device has a low bus current of 220μA/-150μA, so it presents a 1/5 unit load to the RS-485 bus. This allows up to 160 transceivers to be present on the network without violating the RS-485 […]

NXP Semiconductors – LPC1752 MCU offers special motorcontrol capabilities


MCU NXP Semiconductors’ LPC1752 is a microcontroller for embedded applications which offers a high level of integration and low power consumption, running an ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor core operating at a frequency of 100MHz. Features in the LPC1752 include 64kbytes of Flash memory, 16kbytes of data memory, a USB device interface, and an 8-channel DMA controller. […]

NXP Semiconductors – TJA1057 CAN transceiver for 12V automotive systems


CAN The TJA1057 from NXP Semiconductors is part of the Mantis family of high-speed CAN transceivers. It provides an interface between a protocol controller and the physical two-wire CAN bus. The TJA1057 offers a feature set optimised for 12V automotive applications, and provides excellent EMC performance. The transceiver implements the CAN physical layer as defined […]

NXP Semiconductors – Integrated RF JN5168 MCU runs multiple wireless networking stacks


Wireless Interface Designers implementing wireless networks running the JenNet-IP, ZigBee® Smart Energy, ZigBee Light Link, RF4CE or IEEE 802.15.4 stacks may use the JN5168 microcontroller from NXP Semiconductors to reduce component count and simplify their board design. Featuring a 32-bit RISC processor core and 256kbytes of Flash memory, the JN5168 also includes a 2.4GHz IEEE […]

NXP Semiconductors – PCAL9535A 16-bit I/O expander provides I2C and SMBus interfaces


I/0 Expander NXP Semiconductors’ PCAL9535A is a low-voltage 16-bit I/O expander with Interrupt and Reset capabilities. It can interface to either an I2C bus or SMBus. NXP I/O expanders provide a simple solution when additional I/Os are needed while keeping interconnections to a minimum, and are commonly used in power switches, sensors, push-buttons, LEDs and […]

ON Semiconductor – Efficient new KNX transceivers boost power available for external loads (NCN5110, NCN5121 and NCN5130)


KNX ON Semiconductor has introduced three new certified KNX twisted-pair transceivers. The new transceivers offer increased regulator current and boost overall efficiency by as much as 20% compared to existing solutions. The NCN5110, NCN5121 and NCN5130 integrate two high-efficiency DC-DC converters and a 20V low drop-out regulator for powering external loads from the bus. The […]

ON Semiconductor – NCS333 and NCS325 Op amps offer very high output stability over time and temperature


ADCs The NCS333 and NCS325 from ON Semiconductor are precision operational amplifiers with a very low input-offset voltage, enabling them to achieve high output accuracy. They also feature near-zero drift over time and temperature. When used in motor-control feedback and power-supply control loops, the NCS325 and NCS333 op amps provide for very high accuracy, thereby […]

ON Semiconductor – Integrated HART modem IC: NCN5193 requires few external components


HART ON Semiconductor’s NCN5193 is a single-chip, CMOS modem for use in Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) field instruments and masters. The modem and a few external passive components provide all of the functions needed to meet the requirements of communication over the HART physical layer, including modulation, demodulation, receive filtering, carrier detect, and transmit-signal […]