Intersil – ISL26132 and ISL26134 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs feature low-noise output


ADCs The ISL26132 and ISL26134 from Intersil are complete analogue front-ends for high-resolution measurement applications. These 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs include a very low-noise amplifier and are available with either two (ISL26132) or four (ISL26134) differential multiplexer inputs. The devices offer the same pin-out as the ADS1232 and ADS1234 devices and are functionally compatible with these […]

ON Semiconductor – NCS333 and NCS325 Op amps offer very high output stability over time and temperature


ADCs The NCS333 and NCS325 from ON Semiconductor are precision operational amplifiers with a very low input-offset voltage, enabling them to achieve high output accuracy. They also feature near-zero drift over time and temperature. When used in motor-control feedback and power-supply control loops, the NCS325 and NCS333 op amps provide for very high accuracy, thereby […]