Microsemi – Lowest-cost mid-range density FPGA kit features PolarFire FPGA


Future Electronics has lowered the barriers for designers to access the lowest-power, cost-optimised mid-range density PolarFireTM FPGA family with the introduction of the Avalanche Development Kit, a feature-rich, low-cost development kit which enables designers to quickly implement prototype systems based on the mid-range PolarFireTM family of FPGAs from Microsemi. The Avalanche board features a Microsemi […]

Microsemi – Power modules benefit from latest IGBT technology to reduce power losses


Microsemi offers a full range of power modules featuring IGBTs from various generations of bipolar transistor technology, including Trench and Field Stop. Now new modules based on the latest Trench5 IGBTs are the perfect replacement for modules based on Non-Punch-Through (NPT) IGBTs. The APTGTQxxxx Trench5 IGBT modules, which have a breakdown voltage rating of 650V, […]

Microsemi – How to optimise a SiC MOSFET’s on-resistance and gate-drive circuit


Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs are being used more commonly in certain power-switching applications at voltages higher than 500V, especially in those that benefit from the higher switching speeds that SiC devices can support when compared to an equivalent silicon (Si) MOSFET. In fact, there are many similarities between SiC MOSFETs and Si MOSFETs: both are […]

Microsemi – 10-port L2/L3 Gigabit Ethernet switch


The VSC7514 from Microsemi is a 10-port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch supporting a combination of 1G and 2.5G Ethernet ports. The device provides a rich set of switching features required in either industrial or enterprise Ethernet equipment. These include the provision of Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) and quality of service processing to enable the […]

Microsemi – Clock generator replaces multiple oscillators with a single chip


The ClockCenter ZL30236 from Microsemi, a dual-channel universal clock generator, may be used to replace the multiple external components traditionally used to time processors, memory chips and PHYs with a fully integrated single-chip solution. This helps lower bill-of-materials costs, reduces board space requirements, simplifies designs and improves reliability. The ZL30236 integrates two independent synthesisers and […]

Microsemi – Dual-channel ADSL2+ line driver features low power dissipation


Microsemi’s Le87251 is a dual-channel differential amplifier designed to drive full-rate ADSL2+ signals with very low power dissipation. It offers a peak output drive capability of 450mA. The Le87251 contains two pairs of wide-band amplifiers, fabricated with Microsemi’s HV30 bipolar SOI process for low power consumption in DSL systems. The amplifiers have an internal fixed […]

Microsemi – Ethernet PHY offers energy-efficiency features


The VSC8541 from Microsemi is a low-power, compact copper physical layer transceiver (PHY) intended for use in space- constrained 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet applications. Housed in an 8mm x 8mm package, it features integrated line-side termination to conserve board space, lower EMI and improve system performance. In addition, integrated RGMII version 2.0 standard timing- compliant compensation eliminates […]

Microsemi – Integrated PoE power controller with MOSFET switch


The PD70201 from Microsemi is an integrated powered device interface and PWM controller for a DC-DC converter used in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications. It complies with the IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at PoE industry standards. The PD70201 can be used for IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3at Type 1 applications, and in IEEE802.3at Type 2 applications. A single PD70201 can be used in […]

Microsemi – Motor-control systems: choosing an FPGA for efficiency, performance and scalability


Electric motors collectively consume a substantial portion of the world’s electricity generation. According to the research firm IHS Technology, the cost of the electricity used to power a motor makes up 96% of its lifetime costs. In an attempt to reduce the environmental impact of electric motors, regulators have imposed more stringent energy standards. At […]

Microsemi – Network processor provides high throughput in complex classification applications


Microsemi’s PM2329 is a member of the ClassiPITM family of sophisticated network classification processors capable of supporting Gigabit/OC-48 interfaces. It is optimised for network environments: network equipment can use the PM2329’s classification and analysis capability to implement wire- speed routing, quality of service, firewall and other functionality, such as network monitoring, which requires packet inspection […]