Lattice Semiconductor – 60GHz modules provide full-duplex wireless connection at 12Gbits/s data rate


Lattice Semiconductor has announced new Lattice Snap™ modules, based on its SiBEAM® 60GHz wireless technology, which enable manufacturers to easily integrate short-range, high-speed wireless links into their products. The Snap modules, which offer 12Gbits/s full-duplex bandwidth at low latency, provide a platform for the replacement of USB or other high data-rate connectors. By eliminating the […]

MEAN WELL – Launch of DIP24 DC-DC converter module with 6W rating


MEAN WELL has introduced the SCWN/DCWN06 series of DC-DC converter modules, which are supplied in an encapsulated package with a standard DIP24 footprint. The new 6W modules have a wider operating-temperature range and feature higher I/O isolation levels than MEAN WELL’s earlier SCW05/DCW05 series. The modules comply with the EN55032 Class A EMI standard without […]

Microchip – New peripheral architecture for AVR 8-bit MCUs


Microchip has introduced its Core Independent Peripheral (CIP) architecture, which is already used in its PIC® microcontrollers, into its megaAVR® series of MCUs based on the AVR® core. The new 8-bit ATmega4809 MCU is the first megaAVR device to feature the CIP architecture. CIP hardware decreases the amount of code required to implement system functions, […]