ON Semiconductor – High-resolution CMOS image sensor platform provides multiple design options in a single package outline


ON Semiconductor has introduced the new X-Class platform, a family of image sensors which allows a single camera design to support not only multiple product resolutions but also different pixel functionality. The first devices in the new platform are the high-performance 12Mpixel XGS 12000 and the 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) XGS 8000 image sensors. The […]

ON Semiconductor – Complete inverter module drives motors rated for up to 10kW


The FNA27560 from ON Semiconductor is a Motion SPM® 2 Intelligent Power Module (IPM) providing a fully-featured, high-performance inverter output stage for AC induction, Brushless DC (BLDC) and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSMs). The module’s power stage includes six 600V IGBTs with a 75A continuous current rating. The module also includes optimised gate driver circuits […]

ON Semiconductor – Buck regulator ICs with wide input-voltage range ideal for high-voltage PoL modules


ON Semiconductor supplies a family of synchronous PWM buck regulator ICs which share a common footprint, and which are notable for their high efficiency and thermal performance. The FAN65004B, rated for a maximum continuous current of 6A, the 8A FAN65005A and 10A FAN65008B products operate over a wide input-voltage range of 4.5V to 65V, stepping […]

ON Semiconductor – Low-power op amps ideal for power supplies and lighting applications


ON Semiconductor’s NCS2007x family of operational amplifiers offers 3MHz gain-bandwidth product and operates over a wide supply-voltage range of 2.7V to 36V. The family consists of the NCS20071 single, NCS20072 dual and NCS20074 quad configurations which are housed in small packages suitable for use in portable and space- constrained designs. Related devices with the NCV2007x […]

ON Semiconductor – When Safety is Everything, Think ON.


The world’s #1 supplier of image sensors for active safety At ON Semiconductor, innovating is what we do. It’s what we’ve always done. That’s why more automotive engineers trust us for active safety and ADAS solutions than any other semiconductor company in the world. That’s why we have more firsts in image sensing than any […]

ON Semiconductor – High-voltage superjunction MOSFET offers low 19.5mΩ on-resistance


The FCH023N65S3L4 from ON Semiconductor is a SuperFET® III 650V MOSFET which uses advanced superjunction technology to achieve extremely low on-resistance and low gate charge. The effect of the ON Semiconductor SuperFET III technology is to minimise conduction losses and provide superior switching performance. It also means that the device can withstand extreme transient voltage […]

ON Semiconductor – IGBT gate driver integrates multiple protection features


The NCD5700 is a high-current, stand- alone IGBT gate driver for high-power applications which helps designers to realise a cost-effective system by eliminating the need for many external components. It integrates multiple protection features including an accurate under-voltage lock-out function, an Enable input and an Active Low fault output. The NCD5700’s active Miller clamp prevents […]

ON Semiconductor – Power MOSFET features low on-resistance and gate charge


ON Semiconductor’s NTMFS5H600NL is a 60V N-channel power MOSFET which is capable of supplying a continuous drain current of 250A at a case temperature of 25°C. The NTMFS5H600NL’s low on-resistance of 1.3mΩ helps to keep conduction losses to a minimum in the power-conversion applications for which it is intended, such as point-of-load modules, high- performance […]

ON Semiconductor – 512kbits EEPROM with ECC offers high reliability


The CAT25512 from ON Semiconductor is a 512kbits serial CMOS EEPROM device. This SPI-enabled memory IC features a 128-byte page write buffer. The device implements software and hardware write protection, including partial- as well as full-array protection. On-chip Error Correction Code (ECC) makes the device suitable for high-reliability applications. Operating from a wide 1.8V to […]

ON Semiconductor – Efficient new KNX transceivers boost power available for external loads


ON Semiconductor has introduced three new certified KNX twisted-pair transceivers for use in smart building- control systems, for which KNX is the most widely adopted standard. The new transceivers offer increased regulator current and boost overall efficiency by as much as 20% compared to existing solutions. The NCN5110, NCN5121 and NCN5130 integrate two high-efficiency DC-DC […]