Panasonic – Future Electronics wins Panasonic award for technical expertise

Panasonic Industry Europe has awarded its 2017 prize for demand creation by a distributor to Future Electronics. The award recognises Future Electronics’ outstanding technical expertise and support to customers in the integration of new components and technologies into end-product designs. Tobias Erthle of Panasonic said, ‘Future Electronics is a very forward-looking company, always ready to […]

Panasonic – Thin push-button switches provide clear tactile click when operated


Panasonic Industry Europe’s Light Touch Switches are momentary push-on tactile switches which are rated for operation at up to 20mA and 15V DC. They provide a unique, sharp and clear tactile click when operated. They also feature low contact resistance and low bounce noise. Notable for their high contact reliability, the Light Touch Switches are […]

Panasonic – Aluminium electrolytic capacitors provide more capacitance in smaller can size


Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems’ miniature FKS series of aluminium electrolytic capacitors can be used by electronics designers to both save space and increase system reliability. The FKS series capacitors offer a dramatic increase in the ratio of capacitance to volume compared to earlier products. The newer devices provide as much as three times more […]

Panasonic – High-performance power relay efficiently switches up to 90A


The DZ-S normally open relay from Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems has a high switching capability of 90A at 250V AC, making it suitable for demanding applications in home and building automation. Residential smart meters, for instance, are an increasingly important link between power suppliers and end-users, monitoring energy distribution at both a local and […]

Panasonic – IR-based IoT solution provides for web-based monitoring of people flows


Future Electronics has demonstrated a new Internet of Things (IoT) solution for the detection, tracking and counting of flows of people and visualising the data via a cloud service. The solution is based on Panasonic’s Grid- EYE infrared (IR) sensor array. The Grid-EYE is a surface-mount sensor which has an 8 x 8 array of […]

Panasonic – 50A power relays switch high lighting and motor loads


The DJ-H series from Panasonic are latching power relays which have a current rating of 50A and which are suitable for lighting and motor loads. The relays are able to handle high in-rush currents, such as TV-20 class tungsten lighting loads, and NEMA410 standard electronic ballast loads. They are also suitable for use with capacitive […]

Panasonic – High-temperature aluminium electrolytic capacitors offer new long lifetime


Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe has released the V-FT series of aluminium electrolytic capacitors, which offer a long lifetime of up to 5,000 hours, some 2.5 times longer than the current FT series devices, at high temperatures up to 105°C. The new V-FT parts are available in high capacitance values of up to 2,200μF. […]

Panasonic – Improved infra-red array sensor provides higher accuracy and longer detection range


Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe has released an improved and more accurate second generation of its Grid-EYE Infra-Red (IR) array sensor. Panasonic has introduced four new parts in its second generation Grid-EYE family: the AMG8833 and AMG8834 are high-gain types and the AMG8853 and AMG8854 are low- gain types. All four devices benefit from […]

Panasonic – IR sensor board enables rapid prototyping of presence-detection systems


Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems has introduced a complete wireless evaluation platform to help designers to take full advantage of the contactless temperature-measurement capability of its Grid-EYE Infra-Red (IR) array sensor. The Grid-EYE Evaluation Kit integrates a very low-power Bluetooth Smart module, the PAN1740, a microcontroller and an AMG8832 Grid-EYE sensor. The sensor itself is […]

Panasonic – New metal core technology in power choke coils enables package size reductions


Panasonic has developed a metal composite powder core for its ETQP series of power choke coils to meet market demand for coils offering higher performance in smaller package sizes. Panasonic has met this demand in the ETQP series by better controlling the particle size of the metal powder in the core of its power choke […]