STMicroelectronics – 250mA LDO regulator draws very low current in stand-by and shut-down modes


The LDLN025 from STMicroelectronics is a Low-Dropout (LDO) voltage regulator which provides a clean, accurate and stable output for noisesensitive loads, and which offers low power dissipation for use in battery powered applications. The LDLN025 is produced in multiple versions each with a fixed output voltage, from the lowest at 1.2V to the highest at […]

STMicroelectronics – Combined MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope in a single compact package


The ISM330DLC is a system-in-package featuring a high-performance 3D digital accelerometer and 3D digital gyroscope tailored for Industry 4.0 applications. The micromachined sensing elements of the accelerometer and gyroscope are implemented on the same silicon die, providing superior stability and robustness. The motion sensor includes built-in firmware which implements functions including tilt detection, free-fall detection, […]

STMicroelectronics – Complete proximity-sensing module includes IR emitter and sensors in a single package


STMicroelectronics’ VL6180X is an innovative proximity and Ambient Light Sensing (ALS) module which takes an unusual approach to the measurement of distance from a reflective surface. It is based on ST’s patented FlightSense™ technology. This enables absolute distance to be measured independent of the target’s reflectance. Unlike conventional Infrared (IR) ALS systems, which estimate distance […]

STMicroelectronics – Magnetic sensor provides accurate, low-noise digital measurements


STMicroelectronics’ LIS2MDL is an ultra low-power three-axis digital magnetic sensor which has a magnetic field dynamic range of ±50 gauss. The LIS2MDL provides accurate measurements of magnetic field strength in three dimensions. With offset compensation enabled, the magnetic sensor offset is a maximum of ±60mgauss. Noise in high-resolution mode is 3mgaussrms. The LIS2MDL provides a […]

STMicroelectronics – MEMS microphone offers high signal-to-noise ratio and impressive sensitivity


The MP23AB01DH from STMicroelectronics is a low-power microphone which combines a MEMS capacitive sound-sensing element and a sensor interface IC in a compact 3.4mm x 2.5mm x 1mm metal-cap LGA package. The MP23AB01DH, a single-ended analogue bottom-port microphone, offers excellent audio characteristics, including a typical 65dB signal-to-noise ratio. Its acoustic overload point is 135dB. Sensitivity […]

STMicroelectronics – Low-power LDO ideal for use in battery-powered applications


The STLQ020 from STMicroelectronics is a Low-Dropout (LDO) voltage regulator which features low power consumption in stand-by and shut-down modes, to help extend run-time between charges in battery-powered applications. The STLQ020 linear regulator, which operates from an input voltage ranging from 2V to 5.5V, supplies a maximum output current of 200mA. The typical dropout voltage […]

STMicroelectronics – Integrated transceiver enables design of compact KNX nodes


STMicroelectronics has introduced a highly integrated transceiver which helps to streamline the design of end nodes that support KNX, the popular network communications protocol for building-automation systems. The STKNX is a certified KNX transceiver and is approved for use in KNX TP1-256 twisted-pair networks. Housed in a small 4mm x 4mm QFN package and requiring […]

STMicroelectronics – Integrated features and higher efficiency extend appeal of Arm Cortex-M4-based MCUs


Two microcontroller lines from STMicroelectronics offer increased energy efficiency and more integrated features to add to the appeal of the STM32F4 Access Line of MCUs for high-performance embedded designs. Qualified for operation at temperatures up to 125°C, the STM32F413 MCU is intended for use in always-on sensor-acquisition applications, and is also ideally suited to general-purpose […]

STMicroelectronics – Integrated reader IC offers built-in compliance with multiple NFC protocols


STMicroelectronics’ ST25R3911B is a highly integrated NFC reader IC, which includes an RF Analogue Front End (AFE) and a data framing engine compliant with various NFC and RFID protocols. The ST25R3911B is intended for use in NFC infrastructure equipment in which the user needs high RF performance and flexibility combined with low power consumption. This […]

STMicroelectronics – 1,200V IGBT power module supplies up to 15A to motor-drive circuits


STMicroelectronics’ A1C15S12M3 is an inverter power module rated for a maximum 1,200V breakdown voltage and 15A continuous drain current. The module, which implements the converter- inverter brake topology, is housed in an ACEPACKTM 1 package with an integrated NTC temperature sensor. The ACEPACK 1 package has a Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) substrate which offers very […]