STMicroelectronics – Digital controller for wireless battery charging supports 15W applications


The STWBC-EP from STMicroelectronics, is a digital controller for wireless battery charger transmitters which enables implementation of the Extended Power Profile (EPP) in Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) 1.2-certified applications supplying up to 15W. The STWBC-EP offers the most flexible and efficient solution for controlling power transfer to a wireless power receiver in smartphones and tablets […]

STMicroelectronics – Eclipse-based tool speeds application development for users of SPC5 MCUs


STMicroelectronics’ SPC5Studio is an Eclipse plug-in development environment for users of ST’s SPC5 family of Power Architecture® automotive microcontrollers. It enables users to define new components and third parties to develop new plug-ins. Code generated in the SPC5Studio environment is compliant with the requirements of the ANSI C standard and the MISRA 2012 quality standard. […]

STMicroelectronics – Evaluation board enables rapid development of graphics-rich applications based on STM32L4+ MCU


STMicroelectronics has introduced a full-featured development kit for the new STM32L4+ family of microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor core. The STM32L4R9I-DISCO kit takes advantage of the innovative low-power features, the 640kbytes of embedded RAM, the graphics performance and the Display Serial Interface (DSI) controller provided by its STM32L4R9AI microcontroller. The kit enables users […]

STMicroelectronics – New dual comparator operates at very low power


The TSX3702 from STMicroelectronics is a micropower CMOS dual-voltage comparator which draws a very low current of 5μA per comparator. The TSX3702 is an improved version of the TS3702: it draws a lower current, has a better input offset voltage, and offers enhanced ESD tolerance. The TSX3702 is fully specified over a wide operating-temperature range […]

STMicroelectronics – New evaluation software demonstrates combination of Bluetooth Low Energy and sub-1GHz radios


The STSW-BNRG-S2LP from STMicroelectronics is an evaluation software package which helps designers to build dual-radio applications based on the BlueNRG-1, a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) System-on-Chip (SoC), and the S2-LP, a long-range radio transceiver which operates in the licence-free spectrum at frequencies below 1GHz. An application based on the STSW-BNRG-S2LP package may be used to […]

STMicroelectronics – New MCUs with best-in-class memory and improved graphics features help embedded devices to do more with less power


STMicroelectronics has introduced the new STM32L4+ family of low-power microcontrollers, a new generation of the popular STM32L4 series which improves processor performance to 150DMIPS at 120MHz and includes an innovative graphics controller for circular displays. The new STM32L4+ MCUs are ideal for use in wearable devices and other applications which require sophisticated functions, instant responses […]

STMicroelectronics – Power Architecture MCUs for automotive applications offer CAN and Ethernet support


STMicroelectronics’ SPC58 C-Line is a family of general-purpose 32-bit Power Architecture® microcontrollers intended for use in automotive body, networking and security applications, such as secure on-board communication systems. They support the latest communication interfaces including ISO CAN FD and Ethernet with Audio- Video Bridging (AVB) capability. Built on the legacy of successful SPC56 MCUs based […]

STMicroelectronics – 1,200V SiC diode combines high efficiency with high surge-current tolerance


STMicroelectronics’ STPSC10H12 is a 1,200V Schottky power diode fabricated on a Silicon Carbide (SiC) substrate which supports very fast and efficient switching. The wide bandgap SiC material permits the design of a Schottky diode structure that combines a low forward voltage, for reduced power loss and higher efficiency, with the robustness of a 1,200V repetitive […]

STMicroelectronics – Battery-charger chip cuts cost and design time for wearable and portable devices


STMicroelectronics has introduced a battery-charger chip which integrates all important energy-management functions without compromising performance and power consumption. The STBC03 IC implements linear charging of single-cell lithium-ion batteries using a constant-current/ constant-voltage algorithm and charge termination. It supplies a fast-charge current up to 650mA which is adjustable with an external resistor. Pre-charge current values can […]

STMicroelectronics – Digital controller suitable for interleaved CCM power factor correction circuits


Fully configurable through an intuitive GUI, STMicroelectronics’ new STNRGPF01 digital controller for Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuits provides the same level of performance as a DSP, but with a much lower level of complexity and with no requirement for firmware development. Rugged enough for high-end industrial Switch- Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) as well as high-power […]